Is the Bible grossly outdated? Must it “be rewritten to be of value today”? That’s the opinion of a Texas businessman who has donated $1.5 million to Oregon State University.

The man, an alumnus of the school, gave the money to further the work of Marcus Borg, a professor who contends that most of the words attributed to Jesus in the Gospels were not spoken by our Lord.

Although it is sad that so much money is being devoted to such a cause, we need not be unduly alarmed. The Bible has been attacked throughout the centuries. And many powerful people have dedicated their enormous resources to wiping out our faith.

All such efforts have failed, however. The teachings of Scripture, including the priceless words of Jesus, are indestructible, timeless, and transcultural, giving needed guidance to all peoples in all centuries.

Scripture doesn’t need to be rewritten. It needs only to be gratefully embraced as God’s age-abiding truth and then obediently put into practice.