Does the following anonymous poem describe how you feel?

My soul is like a barnyard duck
Muddling in the barnyard muck,
Fat and lazy with useless wings;
But sometimes, when the northwind sings
And wild ducks fly overhead,
It ponders something lost and dead,
Then cocks a wary, bewildered eye
And makes a feeble attempt to fly.
It’s quite content with the state it’s in,
But it’s not the duck it might have been.

Are you haunted by the fear that you’ll never be what God meant you to be? That you’re preoccupied with the trinkets of this passing world? Are you “living in the barnyard” when you could be soaring?

Do you really want to fly? Do you long to soar above the pettiness and insignificance of the barnyard muck?

You can! Put aside the sin and worldly weights that are holding you down (Heb. 12:1) and get busy with the tasks the Lord has for you. Only in Christ do we find the fulfillment He longs for each of us to enjoy.

Remember that Jesus came to set you free and let you soar as you look for His coming (Ti. 2:11-13). Isn’t it time you got out of the mud and did some flying?