In the United States justice system, it’s important that jurors have an open mind. They can’t have their minds made up before they get into the courtroom. They must always remember that a person is considered innocent until proven guilty.

Even for those who never expect to find themselves on the wrong side of the law, it’s a comfort to know that guilt is not assumed, but has to be proven.

Yet, this system of justice is not like the one God has devised for mankind. We are declared guilty before we even enter His courtroom! And though that may not sound fair, it is. God’s perfect holiness demands it.

In a courtroom, when a person is found guilty, he or she faces punishment. But the wonderful thing about God’s courtroom is that when we admit our guilt, we are offered mercy! We are all guilty and face an eternal life-sentence of death. Yet the penalty for sin is meted out only to those who refuse to acknowledge their sin, and who reject God’s forgiveness through Jesus Christ.

Guilty—that’s our status. But we can be granted forgiveness and be pardoned from our sin through the blood of Jesus Christ. That’s God’s mercy system!