Scottish missionary Frederick Arnot spoke well of God’s Son in central Africa. Indeed, he spoke so well of Him that thousands of people in that area became Christians. But Arnot had made it his practice to speak well of God’s Son long before leaving to serve his Lord in that unevangelized field.

When he was still young, Arnot and a friend tried to hold a street meeting in Glasgow’s tavern district. As long as they sang hymns, the rough crowd tolerated them, but when they began to preach, their drunken audience drowned out their voices with hoots and profane howling.

Moved to tears, Arnot and his companion prepared to leave. But a tall, elderly Christian who had been listening urged, “Keep at it, laddie. God loves to hear men speak well of His Son.” Encouraged by that admonition, he and his friend doggedly continued their witness and gained a more attentive audience. All through his years of ministry, Arnot’s highest goal was to speak well of God’s Son.

Is that our motive too? When opportunity presents itself, do we speak out boldly, telling who Jesus is and what He has done for us?

How about speaking well of God’s Son today?