In the late 1970s, biophysicist Harold J. Morowitz of Yale University reached some startling conclusions about what it would cost to make a human body. Taking into consideration the proteins, enzymes, RNA, DNA, amino acids, and other complex biochemicals that make up the stuff of life, Dr. Morowitz states, “Fashioning this chemical shopping list into human cells might cost six quadrillion dollars. Assembling the resulting heap of cells into tissue, the tissue into organs, and the organs into a warm body might drain all the treasuries of the world, with no guarantee of success.”

As we think about this, we are astounded at the wisdom and creative power of the Lord who made us. But we’re even more than a physical body. God has also given each of us an eternal soul that is worth more than the whole world! (Mt. 16:26).

God created us to have fellowship with Him forever. That’s why when Adam and Eve sinned against their Creator He did not totally reject them. He loved the fallen human race so much that He gave His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to provide a way of salvation.

We stand in awe, Lord, at Your marvelous creation and redemption, and we give ourselves totally to You.