In a day when we are bombarded with dire warnings about over-population, we must remind ourselves that God, who created and sustains everything, is a God of abundance. The psalmist praised Him for His generous provision for His creatures.

A report from the Harvard Center for Population Studies attests to the earth’s enormous potential to sustain life. The report estimates that about one-fourth of the ice-free land areas of the world can produce food sufficient for 40 billion people.

So how are we to explain the fierce hunger and starvation that so many people endure? Is this tragedy due to God’s failure to provide? No! Such hunger is the result of social and political structures that ignore God’s principles for the care of the earth and its inhabitants.

Christians should join the psalmist in praising God for the way He provides. Because of Him the “pastures are clothed with flocks; the valleys also are covered with grain” (Ps. 65:13). He gives our lives meaning and fulfillment.

Our hearts should be filled with praise and thanksgiving for all that God has given to us! Since He provides so abundantly for His creatures, let’s show our gratitude by our willingness to meet the needs of those around us.