A man makes some unusual markings in his Bible. Next to some verses he puts a P, next to others PP, and by others PPP. He explains, “A single P refers to a promise of God, PP to a precious promise, and PPP to a precious promise proven!”

In his Bible study, he has found many promises, though he realizes not all apply to him (such as those given specifically to Israel). But promises that reveal God’s unchanging love for all believers are precious to him. The PPP verses contain promises that he has trusted God to keep, and God has proven that He is true to His Word.

We too would benefit by discovering and believing God’s promises. These truths from 1 John will help us:

  • We must first trust God’s promise to give us eternal life in Jesus (2:25; 5:1) if we are to experience the benefits of the Lord’s promises to His children.
  • The goal of His promises to us is to make us like His Son, Jesus Christ (3:2-3).
  • God’s Spirit lives within us and helps us to understand the promises of His Word (2:27).

As we read God’s Word, let’s search for the promises that apply to us. Then as we act on them, they will become precious promises proven.