What’s the world’s happiest nation? A Time magazine article reports that pollsters have tried to find a definitive answer to that question—but without success.

Despite claims to the contrary, a 1992 Gallup survey pronounced France “among the unhappiest societies on the Continent.”

A survey in Germany found that “less than one-third admitted to being ‘very happy.'”

Still another poll disclosed that among the inhabitants of Great Britain, “Fifty-four percent feel their country is a snobbish, class-ridden society.” When asked if they would like to leave the country, “Forty-seven percent said they would pack their bags before teatime.”

Genuine happiness—a mood of contentment, joy, and hope—doesn’t depend on the country one lives in. It depends on a right relationship with God. As David observed so succinctly in Psalm 144:15, “Happy are the people whose God is the Lord!”

Geography and race don’t determine membership in God’s family. Faith in Jesus Christ determines that. So let’s rejoice that as citizens of our Lord’s kingdom we by His grace can experience true happiness.