My son Steven is just beginning to learn the game of soccer. So we spend quite a bit of time kicking the ball around in the front yard. As I’ve tried to convey to Steven the little I know about the sport, he has developed some of his own strategy. For instance, he said, “I know how to get past my man. When I’m dribbling the ball, I can say, ‘Hey, look over there!’ When he does, I can dribble past him!”

As simplistic as this strategy of distraction sounds, it’s similar to a scheme Satan uses on Christians—and it works. He has developed hundreds of ways to say, “Hey, look over there!” All he has to do is distract us, and he has us doing something other than serving or glorifying God.

One of the goals we should have as we strive to live for the Lord is to keep “looking unto Jesus” (Heb. 12:2). We look away from Jesus when we put our attention on others to criticize them. We look away when we let everyday concerns make us worry. We look away when we neglect His Word.

Satan is the great distractor. Let’s ignore his urgings and keep our eyes on Jesus. When we do, we will find it easier to live in a way that glorifies God. Then we won’t be doing Satan’s will (2 Tim. 2:26).