Month: July 1995

How Happy Are We?

What's the world's happiest nation? A Time magazine article reports that pollsters have tried to find a definitive answer to that question—but without success.

Something To Sing About

Our family loves to listen to Christian music and attend concerts. There's always a tape of one of our favorite artists in the car tape player. We've had our kids in singing groups since the first one was 3 and now she's in college on a music scholarship.

A Common Mistake

An elderly woman told me that she loves Jesus, prays regularly, reads the Bible daily, and confesses her sins every evening. But she's afraid to die. She's not sure God will accept her. She also said that she was so eager to earn God's favor that she gave a large sum of money to her church without her husband's knowledge. She knew this was wrong, but she said, "I did it for my salvation."

Satan's Disguises

It's often difficult to understand why people give in to certain temptations. From our vantage point, their problem should be easy to handle.

The Teacher Is An Animal

Animals sometimes seem to have more sense than people. Because of their alertness to natural phenomena, they have at times helped us to avoid disaster.

In Light Of Eternity

After the 1991 military coup in Haiti, the international community imposed an embargo on the tiny Caribbean nation. Life for many Haitians became a daily struggle for survival.

Dedicated Donkey Work

People often speak of donkeys in belittling terms. You may have heard the expression, "I'm just someone who has to do all the donkey work." Or "So-and-so is as stubborn as a mule" (a mule is half donkey).

Who Gets The Credit?

A Grand Rapids woman was excited to have a visit from an old college roommate who lived in another part of the country. As she listened to her friend's story, though, she was touched by the problems her guest faced as a single mom struggling to keep things together.

Stay At Your Post

Eric was stunned by the certified letter he had received. He had been fired! His record with the company was good, and the reasons given for his dismissal were without substance.

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