I’m not writing this article from my usual office location. Most of the time when I talk to you through the pages of Our Daily Bread, I’m hidden behind the walls of my office, routinely going about another workday.

Today, though, I’ve decided to get away from all that. I’ve taken my computer to a campground where I can hear birds singing and feel a warm breeze. It’s amazing how the change makes it easier to read the Bible and pray.

It wasn’t my idea. My daughter Julie needed a getaway day—far from the rigors of school and the pressures of junior-high life. So she brought her bike, and I tagged along. While she is rejuvenating by the lake, I am finding how mind-clearing it is to escape into the quiet.

Of course, the idea of getting away is not original with Julie. Jesus did it too. He took time to escape. He went to the desert to rest and think about the death of John the Baptist, and He went to a mountain to pray (Mk. 6:14-31,46).

When God speaks, we listen more attentively, it seems, if there are fewer distractions. That’s why it’s good to carve out some time to get away. Even if the retreat is a city park or a booth at a restaurant, take time to escape. Then talk with God and let Him lift your spirit.