Some Christians have gotten the idea that if they erect a beautiful building, put up a sign, and place an ad in the newspaper, the unsaved will flock to church. But it just doesn’t work that way. There’s an impelling go in the gospel that makes us responsible for our friends and neighbors. We must reach out to lost sinners and bring them in.

In D. L. Moody’s day, it was a common practice for people to rent a church pew. One Sunday morning, 19-year-old Moody marched down the aisle with a motley crew of society’s outcasts trailing behind him. He had rented four pews and was determined to fill them with those who were spiritually needy. Having taken the Savior’s “Go” personally (Mt. 28:19), he literally “went out into the highways and gathered together . . . both bad and good” (22:10).

Don’t make the mistake of believing that Jesus’ command to go applies only to missionaries in faraway places. All of God’s children are to share the good news of salvation. What a tragedy it would be if our own neighbors never heard the gospel because we never told them!

Ask the Lord to place a burden on your heart for a friend or loved one who is lost. Then go and bring them in!