A howling storm roared off Lake Michigan, whipping the much smaller Muskegon Lake into a frenzy. The force of the wind and waves ripped a dozen sailboats from their moorings and tossed them toward shore. Some of the runaway boats were rescued, but three sank and another was badly damaged on the rocks.

The psalmist spoke of “the mighty waves of the sea” as a picture of God’s awesome power. He may have witnessed gale-force winds as they brought huge waves crashing in from the Mediterranean Sea against the western coast of Philistia and Israel. And the squalls that assaulted the small but often stormy Sea of Galilee gave him a vivid picture of God’s might.

But how did he say the Lord uses His power? God uses His strength not to break things apart, but to hold them together. “Surely the world is established,” the psalmist wrote, “so that it cannot be moved” (93:1). And he described God’s words as “very sure” (v.5).

Both the world and the Word are anchored by God’s power. In an unsettled, turbulent, destructive society, that truth gives us great comfort. Praise God that His might is mightier than the waves!