Why is it that some of the best things in life can sound so unappealing to us—things like holiness, obedience, Spirit-control, and faith, for instance? Why do they so often trigger a sudden yawn rather than wet eyes of thankful emotions? Could it be that we’ve underrated their value?

Think how much these values can do for us. A truly Spirit-controlled person won’t cheat on a spouse, abuse a child, or fudge on an income tax return. A Christ-controlled person isn’t even likely to kick the family dog, or watch the best of intentions evaporate while lounging in front of a television.

Every believer in Christ faces a constant challenge to live a pure life (Gal. 5:17). Has that moment-by-moment walk under the Holy Spirit’s guidance seemed too difficult lately? It’s possible we’ve been underrating what should be of greatest value to us. The cost to ourselves and our loved ones may be tremendous.

If we find ourselves yielding to temptation again and again, perhaps we need to take stock of what’s really important. It’s time to learn to walk in the Spirit instead of sacrificing life’s best for the shortsighted, self-destructive desires of the flesh.