The well-known evolutionist Stephen Jay Gould wrote, “A crab is not lower or less complex than a human being in any meaningful way.” But would Mr. Gould carry out his theory to its logical conclusion? I doubt it. It’s likely that he’d think nothing of dining at a fine restaurant and enjoy eating crabmeat. But I’m sure he would be appalled if the same menu offered a dinner of grilled human flesh served with French fries.

Evolutionists can say what they will, but there is a fundamental difference between man and animals. I explained this to a woman once, but she was irritated because I wouldn’t assure her that dogs go to heaven when they die. She said they have just as much right to go there as we do. I told her that we deserve it less; we are sinners. Dogs aren’t. They don’t make bad moral choices as we do. But neither are they capable of making good choices. Furthermore, we think about God, eternity, and right and wrong. No dog has that capacity.

God created us in His image. That’s why we are responsible to worship and serve Him. We can do this by admitting that we are sinners, receiving Jesus as our Savior, and growing in Christlikeness. Then we truly show the difference between crabs and men.