Missionary Jack Shiflett was speaking to one of his supporting churches. Having spent 11 years in Spain, Shiflett talked about the frustrations of presenting Jesus to people who don’t think they need the gospel.

In the past couple of years, though, Jack and his wife Cheryl have seen their ministry begin to bear fruit. At least 17 people have accepted Jesus as Savior. Yet that was after many years with few results. To emphasize his appreciation for the faithfulness of this church, Shiflett said, “After 8 years, we came to you and reported that we had led one person to Jesus Christ. And you sent us back.”

The people at the church had recognized that the hallmark of servanthood is faithfulness, not results. Results, they knew, rested in God’s hands through the work of the Holy Spirit.

The Shifletts were faithful to the task and are now seeing the harvest. Their example is encouraging, for we often go without results for even longer periods of time. And the example of the church in sticking with them is just as vital.

Perhaps you’ve been faithful at a task for a long time—seemingly without results. Stick with it, and leave the results with God. He’ll send the rewards.