Cedarville College president Paul Dixon tells the story of a high school girl who was in the audience several years ago when he was speaking about the need to tell others about Christ. As she listened, she decided she wanted to make a difference in her high school. She asked God to give her an opportunity.

The next day at school, one of her teachers who was fed up with the way things were going walked into his classroom and said, “I’ve had it. I’m tired of the hassle of teaching kids who don’t have any respect. If any of you can tell me what life is all about and what our purpose is, go ahead.”

Surprised, the girl raised her hand and explained that she had found answers to those questions in Jesus Christ. The teacher, who was an agnostic, invited her to stay after class and explain her beliefs. When she suggested that he attend an evangelistic meeting, he agreed. That Friday night he put his trust in Jesus as Savior, and today he’s active in Christian service.

She had seized a God-given opportunity—like Philip did with the Ethiopian official (Acts 8:29-30).

We may have sweaty palms and cottonmouth as we witness to unbelievers. But when the Lord gives us the opportunity to talk about Him, let’s seize it.