From early history, man has dreamed of flight. With the invention of the hot-air balloon, he first soared aloft in 1783.

The invention of the gasoline engine and the development of aerodynamic theory made the airplane possible. Pioneer flights were made in primitive planes constructed of canvas and wood. These gave way to more and more powerful aircraft. Now we have the SST and the 777. And the space shuttle is rocketed into orbit by 7 million pounds of thrust.

The ancient Hebrews knew nothing of the mechanics of flight, but they had a keen awareness of God’s awesome power. They had seen it in their miraculous exodus from slavery in Egypt, in God’s provision and guidance through the desert, and in His protection as they fought for the Promised Land.

When David was looking for a way to describe that power, he said that the Lord “rides on the heaven of heavens” (Ps. 68:33). And he recognized that it is God who “gives strength and power to His people” (v.35).

The thundering engines that shake the ground at takeoff remind me of the immense power of God. The next time you see a jet soar across the sky, give praise to our God, whose “strength is in the clouds” (v.34).