William James, Harvard University’s famous professor of philosophy and psychology, once stated that after age 30 we become set like plaster and never change. But he was wrong. We can and do change.

John D. Rockefeller had become the world’s only billionaire. But he was a miserable man who couldn’t sleep, who was unloved, and who needed bodyguards.

Then at age 53 he was stricken with a rare disease. He lost all his hair, and his body became shrunken. He was given a year or so to live.

Rockefeller started thinking about eternal issues, and suddenly he began to change. He gave away his money to help churches and the poor. He established the Rockefeller Foundation, which has underwritten critical health research. His health improved, and contrary to the doctor’s prediction, he lived to be 98.

If a man could undergo such a physical and emotional change, how can we doubt that God by His grace and power can transform us spiritually? The Bible says that anyone who believes in Jesus Christ and His sin-atoning, guilt-cleansing death will become a new creation (2 Cor. 5:17).

What a glorious prospect! Have you experienced that change? If not, trust Jesus today.