From time to time, lonely people call me to share their problems. One man, who professes faith in Christ, is struggling to live a pure life. Whenever he falls into sin, he needs reassurance of God’s forgiveness.

Another person who calls is a woman who has had some bad experiences with men. She has to be assured that God still loves her.

Then there’s a young woman with a physical disability. She lives alone because she is treated badly at home.

All these people have two things in common: they’ve felt the pain of rejection, and they are lonely. But it’s loneliness that stands out as their greatest problem.

Loneliness can’t be cured just by being with people, seeing a counselor, or talking on the phone. What’s needed is friendship. That’s where we who are not lonely can help. We must befriend lonely people.

Just waiting for someone to become a friend, however, is not the way to find the cure for loneliness. Hebrews 13:1-6 does not mention this problem, but it does give the answer. We must focus our attention on Jesus Christ. He promises to be a helper who will never leave nor forsake us (vv.5-6).

Jesus always listens and always cares. He will help you make it through any situation.