When the apostle Paul saw in a vision the man from Macedonia, it changed the history of the world. Heeding the man’s plea to “come over to Macedonia,” Paul altered his plans. It was in Macedonia he led Lydia to the Lord, and it was there that the evangelization of the Western world began.

All Christians should be on the lookout for “the man of Macedonia.” That man or woman may be well-educated, or have no education at all. He may drive an expensive car, or he may be poor and eke out a living ransacking garbage cans. He may live next door, down the street, or across the sea. He may speak a different language. But wherever you find him, and whatever his situation, he has one pressing need—to know Jesus Christ as his Savior.

Sometimes that need is expressed as a cry for help. At other times it is veiled in bitter hostility to the Savior and the gospel. Many times his sins and errors and crimes announce his desperate condition. Yet despite the thousand different ways he voices that need, the plea is always the same: “Come over . . . and help us” (Acts 16:9).

Sooner or later someone will call out to you for help. Will you be quick to answer?