A man knew the Bible well and openly declared his faith in Christ, but he had a bad reputation for his unprincipled business practices. When confronted about the inconsistency, he replied, “God is more concerned with how I talk to others about Christ than He is with how I live.”

In contrast, many Christians who never tell others about Jesus make the excuse, “I’ll let my life talk for me.” Both extremes are in error.

The following poem, adapted from an old work by George Herbert, expresses the needed balance.

Lord, how can we speak Your Word?
We are brittle, like fragile glass.
Yet, in Your service You afford us
This glorious and transcendent place
To be a window, through Your grace.

When through this glass You reveal Your story,
And make Your life to shine within these windows,
Then Your light and glory more
Attractive grows, more favor wins
Than all this world’s alluring sins.

Truth and life, colors and light,
When they combine and mingle, bring
A sense of awe; but speech alone
Will vanish like a fleeting thing;
It strikes the ear, but does not conscience ring.

Lord, help us to witness in both word and life.