You may have had a co-worker say to you, “I need to borrow some money so I can go out for lunch. I’ll pay you back after my next paycheck.” But two months and several hints later, you still don’t have your money back.

Or maybe a friend has told you, “Thanks for letting me use your car. I’ll have it back early enough for you to get to church on time tonight.” But you end up waiting and then hurrying into church a half hour late.

Or a husband or wife has said, “I promise, dear, we’ll talk about it tonight.” But it never happens, and the issue that is harming the marriage keeps growing.

Many people give their word, but we can’t rely on what they say. After we get burned a few times, we begin to feel that we can’t trust anybody.

David, who wrote Psalm 12, felt the same way. We don’t know the specific situations that prompted his words, but he felt surrounded by untrustworthy people. He lamented, “Everyone lies” (v.2 NIV).

Everyone, that is, except God. His words are pure and flawless, like silver that has been through a refiner’s fire seven times (v.6). We can believe God. His promises stand. He cannot lie.