Decisions! Decisions! Decisions! We’re constantly making decisions. Some are trivial, like, “Which outfit will I wear today?” Others are life-shaping, like, “Should I take that job and move my family clear across the country?” But common sense tells us that some are vastly more important than others.

A group of doctors ran an ad in a New York newspaper. Over the picture of an attractive woman, the caption read, “The most important decision I ever made was choosing my spouse. The second, my plastic surgeon.” The text of the ad then suggested that the order of the priorities could be reversed!

Choosing a spouse is immeasurably more important than choosing a plastic surgeon. But deciding to put your trust in Jesus as your Savior is the most important decision you can make in life.

The apostle Peter told a group of unbelievers about Jesus and encouraged them to turn from their sin and trust Him (Acts 2). Peter’s words speak to us today as well. If you haven’t accepted Christ’s free gift of forgiveness, pray to Him and ask Him to save you. And once you’ve done that, make the second most important decision: Determine to follow Christ’s leading daily.