My son Mark and I were digging out the stump of an old tree in his front yard. The tree had been only 5 inches in diameter, so we didn’t think the task would be difficult.

After digging around the stump and cutting through the surface roots, we fastened a nylon tow rope to the back of my truck and pulled. Nothing happened. We dug some more, cut out some more roots, and tried again. Still no success. On the third try the heavy nylon rope broke. Strong, deep roots had anchored that tree firmly in the ground.

In the Bible, godly people are often likened to trees (Ps. 1:3; Prov. 12:3). Joni Eareckson Tada wrote about this in her book Diamonds in the Dust: “The branches of growing trees not only reach higher, but their roots grow deeper. It’s impossible for a strong tree to have high branches without having deep roots. It would become top-heavy and topple over in the wind.” Then Joni observed, “The same is true with Christians. It’s impossible for us to grow in the Lord without entwining our roots around His Word and deepening our life in His commands.”

Would you like to be a tall, immovable tree? That comes only through a life of Bible study, discipline, and tested faith—conditions that produce deep roots.