He was a politician noted for his integrity. Although this description might be viewed by some as a contradiction in terms, it certainly was used often and correctly to describe US Congressman Paul Henry. After the three-term member of the House of Representatives lost a battle with brain cancer in 1993, political commentator David Broder said, “He was a model of what a public servant should be.”

There was good reason for Paul Henry’s integrity. He was a Christian who devoted his life and service to the Lord. In many ways his life mirrored the characteristics mentioned in Psalm 26.

The psalmist David said that he (1) walked in God’s truth, (2) avoided sinful entanglements, and (3) enjoyed worshiping God. In a similar way, Paul Henry (1) sought to live by biblical principles, (2) was on guard against the influence of those who were ungodly, and (3) regularly worshiped at his local church.

The integrity David wrote about and Paul Henry demonstrated should be a goal for us as believers in Jesus. As we grow more and more like the One we worship, our lives will be marked by truth and right thinking. Each day we should ask God to help us to live a life of integrity.