The colorful folder I received through the mail advertised a series of books describing “the most fascinating study of man’s origin ever published.” The slick advertisement suggests that through eons of time primitive matter evolved into living creatures that eventually became modern man. From this pseudoscientific presentation I can only conclude that my existence is the result of a chemical accident, and that my life has no real purpose. I am a pathetic animal indeed!

The Bible declares that man was brought into being by a special act of the Creator Himself, who breathed into him “the breath of life” (Gen. 2:7). He was made in the image of God that he might live for Him and enjoy Him forever.

If we believe we are the products of chance, however, without meaning or destiny, our behavior will merely reflect a concern for “the next banana.” But because we are made in the likeness of God, our lives have significance. We are to manifest in thought, word, and deed the eternal glory and purpose of our Designer—the One who revealed Himself in Jesus Christ!

Recognizing that you are created in God’s image and are not just an animal, how will you live today?