Erma Bombeck is one of America’s most well-loved writers. A homemaker, wife, and mother who writes about the foibles and follies of everyday existence in the home, Bombeck has parlayed her wit and wisdom into a successful syndicated newspaper column and a remarkable string of bestselling books.

Yet as she talks about her success, she is quick to remind people that her most important contribution is not becoming a millionaire author. Despite her fame and fortune, Erma Bombeck maintains, “My legacy is going to be [my] three kids.”

In this day of quickly disintegrating values and sharply escalating social ills, that might be the most significant statement this woman of words has ever spoken. It gets to the root of so many problems in our modern society. For it is in the secure environment of the family that life’s most valuable lessons are taught and learned.

As Christians who are trying to live by the precepts of God’s Word, we need to reaffirm our commitment to our families. Sharing with them the gospel and God’s guidelines for living must be more important to us than any of our own interests. Like Erma, we need to affirm that our family is our most important legacy.