Chocolate lovers around the world know the name Cadbury, whose delectables have been produced near Birmingham, England, for more than 100 years. Millions of people have enjoyed them, but few know the unusual story of Helen Cadbury, daughter of the founder.

At age 12, Helen Cadbury received Jesus Christ as her personal Savior. She immediately became interested in witnessing and in growing spiritually, so she began carrying her huge Victorian Bible to school. Because it was so cumbersome, her father gave her a small New Testament she could put in her pocket. Helen’s Christian friends admired it and acquired one of their own so they could carry it with them and read it every day. Soon they were calling themselves the Pocket Testament League and began giving New Testaments to people who promised to read them. A policeman was the first to receive Christ after being given a free copy by one of Helen’s friends.

The Pocket Testament League has become a worldwide ministry with millions of members. And the basic idea of sharing God’s Word with others is good for all of us. Carry a Bible or New Testament with you, read it, and be a witness to its power.