We who believe that God has absolute moral standards are viewed by some segments of society as intolerant simpletons. We are cautioned not to express our disapproval over certain immoral behavior.

Television commentator Andy Rooney once announced his revulsion at the perverse sexual conduct increasingly evident in our culture. But pressure from special interest groups that promote immoral lifestyles coerced him to apologize.

Our circumstances are amazingly similar to those Jeremiah confronted 2,600 years ago. The people had no shame. No perversion made them blush. Even the religious leaders were part of this deplorable situation!

Jeremiah, however, proclaimed God’s anger and warned of imminent divine judgment. The prophet pleaded for a return to the “old paths, where the good way is” (v.16), the paths of renunciation of sin and obedience to God.

Jesus showed us the good way when He invited all who “labor and are heavy laden” to come to Him (Matt. 11:28). And He gave us the assurance that His “yoke is easy” and His “burden is light” (v.30).

Lord, thank You for showing us the way that brings real happiness. Help us to walk in the good way.