Someone has observed, “He who carries a lantern on a dark road at night sees only one step ahead. When he takes that step, the lamp moves forward and another step is made plain. He finally reaches his destination in safety without once walking in darkness. All the way is lighted, but only a single step at a time. This is the method of God’s guidance.”

When a person receives the Lord Jesus as Savior, he knows his ultimate destination and is assured of his safe arrival. But the dark cloud of the unknown can veil the pilgrim pathway. Potential pitfalls, lurking dangers, and tragic missteps often upset the weary traveler and rob him of the peace and confidence the Lord intended for him to enjoy.

But as the child of God refuses to worry about tomorrow and trusts Him for today, he finds by the light of God’s Word the grace and guidance for every situation in life. Even as a lantern illuminates each new step on a dark road at night, so the lamp of Scripture provides light on our pathway.

It isn’t necessary to see beyond what the Lord reveals. Following His leading, there’s always enough light for each step of the way!