A needy widow in Chicago lived by the motto: “The Lord will provide.” Even when severely tested, Mrs. Hokanson never lost her ready smile and triumphant faith. Casting her care on God (1 Pet. 5:7), she found that He always took the burden and supplied the needed blessing.

Mrs. Hokanson was the sole support for her mentally retarded son. Eventually, chronic arthritis confined her to bed. When a church youth group went over to Mrs. Hokanson’s house to cheer her up, they were amazed to discover that she was not depressed. They inquired, “Now what will you and Arthur do?” She gave her usual quiet, confident response, “The Lord will provide.”

When Mrs. Hokanson died, many people wondered what would happen to her son. But when friends and neighbors went home with Arthur after the funeral, he proudly showed them his collection of stamps. Instead of tearing the stamps off the envelopes, he had intercepted and kept scores of letters intended for his mother and left them unopened. Many contained substantial gifts—enough to care for the boy for the rest of his life.

When we cast all our cares on the Lord, we’ll be amazed at the wondrous way He provides!