Month: July 1994

Pulling Power

Dwight D. Eisenhower used to demonstrate the art of leadership in a simple but forceful way. He would place a single piece of string on a table and say, “Pull it, and it follows wherever you want it to go. But push it, and it goes nowhere.”

When the Grace Period Ends

It’s a good thing our local library gives a grace period before it starts charging for overdue books. My family checks out books by the dozen, and sometimes we forget to get them back on time.

Learning To Trust

Renee still believed in God’s existence, but for many years she didn’t trust Him. And no wonder! As a small child, she had been mistreated by a cruel father. This trauma left such deep emotional scars that she blamed herself and felt she didn’t deserve to live.

Happiness Is . . .

What makes you happy? Has it shown up on one of those bumper stickers that say, “I’d rather be sailing . . . fishing . . . shopping . . . eating pizza . . . sleeping in”?

Light for Each Step

Someone has observed, “He who carries a lantern on a dark road at night sees only one step ahead. When he takes that step, the lamp moves forward and another step is made plain. He finally reaches his destination in safety without once walking in darkness. All the way is lighted, but only a single step at a time. This is the method of God’s guidance.”

Frozen Snowball

Baseball pitcher Tug McGraw had a wonderful philosophy of pitching. He called it his “frozen snowball” theory. “If I come in to pitch with the bases loaded,” Tug explained, “and heavy hitter Willie Stargell is at bat, there’s no reason I want to throw the ball. But eventually I have to pitch. So I remind myself that in a few billion years the earth will become a frozen snowball hurtling through space, and nobody’s going to care what Willie Stargell did with the bases loaded!”

Our Job Description

In a letter to me, “Mike” revealed that he had been disabled from a drug overdose, had served a 2-year sentence for cocaine possession, and had been in institutions for 13 years. He also wrote of being wonderfully delivered by the Lord.

The Clue of Silence

The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story Silver Blaze centers around a clue of silence. In this mystery, detective Sherlock Holmes investigates the theft of a prized racehorse, which had been guarded by an excellent watchdog.

Why Keep the Faith?

Many Christians are on the front lines of some very important battles. Some are speaking out on social issues and moral decline. Others are helping to relieve suffering and battling the effects of poverty. Still others are trying to make a difference in government or entertainment.

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