A woman testified, “I was diagnosed as having inoperable cancer, but I trusted God to heal me and He did.” Yet many others in the same situation and with just as much faith have fervently prayed, but they died.

I’m in my middle seventies, feel strong, and am as active as ever. But I know of Christian men my age who are coping with severe physical problems. Does God heal only those with a strong faith? Is good health a sign that God loves one person more than another who isn’t well?

Hebrews 11 answers these questions with a resounding “No!” It tells of devout believers who were persecuted. Some were miraculously delivered, while others were imprisoned, tortured, and slain. But all of them are cited equally for their faith. The issue then and now is not God’s love or the strength of one’s faith but God’s sovereignty and wisdom.

My friend Archie walks with difficulty and can’t use his arms very well, but he believes he knows God better than if he had been healed. He testifies of having grace for each day, and he anticipates the day when he will be given his resurrection body.

Yes, God’s ways are diverse. Accepting this is the first step to a stronger faith in Him.