Often we hear people question the wisdom of those in authority over us. It’s easy to point an accusing finger at government officials, bosses, pastors, teachers, or board members and say they are unfit to lead.

In reality, though, we’re focusing our attention in the wrong place. Instead of being critical of others, we need to make sure wisdom is present in our own lives.

But how do we get such wisdom? First we need a “fear of the Lord” and a “knowledge of the Holy One” (Prov. 9:10). The best way to acquire this knowledge is by reading God’s Word.

We must also ask the Lord for His help if we are to gain wisdom. James wrote, “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God” (1:5). Just as Solomon asked God for wisdom to help him lead (1 Ki. 3:9), so we must constantly rely on Him if we are to walk a godly path.

Proverbs 10 tells us that when we are wise we will bring joy to our parents (v.1), we will work in a timely manner (v.5), and we will know how to accept authority (v.8).

The next time you’re tempted to criticize someone, think twice. Ask God to help you examine your own heart. Then ask yourself, “Am I searching for the wisdom God’s Word promises?”