I heard Chuck Colson say in a television interview that he would never forget the joy and peace he felt when he surrendered to Jesus Christ.

Many of us can remember times when we were ecstatic because the Lord had met our need in a remarkable way. We often refer to such times as mountaintop experiences.

Life, however, is also marked by dark and difficult valleys. At such times we can encourage ourselves by reflecting on the past and letting our mountaintop experiences be a reason to look ahead with confidence. They can reassure us that God who helped us then will not fail us now.

The psalmist did that in today’s Scripture reading. After recounting the joy the Israelites felt when God miraculously delivered them, he asked God to be merciful again.

In so doing, he used two images to express his expectation of blessing. The first metaphor was of dry gullies in the desert that suddenly became torrents during a downpour (Ps. 126:4). The second was of fruit that comes slowly and quietly as the result of earnest sowing and reaping (vv.5-6).

God’s past faithfulness assures us that He will meet our future needs. That’s worth remembering.