I vividly remember a man saying to me, “Herb, I’ll go to church and give. But I’m not going to get too involved. I’m going to concentrate on my career.” Another man admitted, “I know I shouldn’t have gotten a divorce, but I think I’m entitled to some happiness.” Both of these men were really saying, “I don’t care what God says. I’m going to do things my way.”

Solomon followed much the same path for a period in his life. After building the temple for the glory of God, he was far too lavish in erecting his palace, too preoccupied with showy horses and chariots, too status-conscious in his marriages to many pagan wives. As a result, his kingdom was marred by war and internal strife, and his home was in disarray (1 Ki. 10–11). Some Bible scholars believe that in his later years Solomon wrote Psalm 127 out of his own bitter experience. He had discovered at last the futility of going his own way.

Our way is the path of human wisdom and self-reliance. It leads to frustration and emptiness. God’s way involves trusting Him, obeying Him, and depending on Him. It leads to satisfaction and joy—in part on earth but fully in heaven. Each day let’s choose to live God’s way.