A concert violinist had a brother who was a bricklayer. One day a woman began talking to the bricklayer about how wonderful it was for him to be in the same family as the noted musician. But then, not wanting to insult the bricklayer, she added, “Of course, we don’t all have the same talents, and even in the same family some just seem to have more ability than others.”

The bricklayer replied, “You’re telling me! That violinist brother of mine doesn’t know a thing about laying bricks. And if he wasn’t able to make some money playing that fiddle of his, he couldn’t hire a guy with know-how like mine to build his house. If he had to build a house himself, he’d be ruined.”

If you want to build a house, don’t look up “violinist” in the yellow pages. And if you need someone to play the violin in an orchestra, don’t hire a bricklayer. No two of us are exactly alike, and no one possesses every gift. In that way, houses get built and music gets played.

In the church, God has gifted us in different ways too. Our responsibility is to exercise the spiritual gifts that He has given us. When we do, we build each other up in the faith, and there is harmony in the body of Christ.