A family friend was deserted by her husband and left to care for her small children alone. I wonder how she’ll make it.

A grandmother wrote Radio Bible Class asking for prayer for her grandchildren who all seem to be throwing their lives away on the things of this world. I feel sadness.

My teenage daughter talked about the poverty she saw among believers in a country she visited on a missions trip. I search for answers. Why such inequities?

Then I look at Psalm 18. David had his own list of troubles. He was threatened by enemies (v.3), surrounded by “the pangs of death” and “the floods of ungodliness” (v.4).

What hope could there be in his situation? Would the help come in the form of money, soldiers, powerful weapons, or people who would come to his aid? No, David’s help came from an inexhaustible source—the Lord, whom David called “my rock and my fortress and my deliverer” (v.2).

Like all of us, David faced adversity. But as Psalm 18 indicates, when our problems are pitted against our Lord’s strength, it’s no contest.

Are you in distress? Call on the Lord. He will always hear your voice.