Champion figure skater Paul Wylie is a cum laude Harvard graduate and a born-again Christian. His mother always wanted him to be a minister, but he has decided to study law. He believes he does not possess the gifts required for pastoral ministry. But he insists—and rightly so—that whether he’s performing on the ice or reading in the library of Harvard Law School, he can serve his Savior Jesus Christ.

“I think that every Christian is called to be a minister in his place of work,” he says. “So I try to be a minister wherever I am. When people come up to me and ask questions, I tell them the truth.”

Whether we are figure skaters, law students, homemakers, mechanics, nurses, bankers, or have some other job, we can serve Jesus Christ. The New Testament doesn’t assign the task of ministry only to those who are officially recognized as pastors. First Corinthians 12 indicates that every believer is spiritually equipped for some kind of service (v.7).

We don’t have to stand behind a pulpit to function as ministers for our Savior. The task of ministering and the privilege of serving have been assigned to everyone who has been born again.