Month: April 1994

Kind Disapproval

How should we as Christians relate to people who are living contrary to biblical standards?

He’s Always With Us

The children of Israel faced what seemed to be a severe crisis. Moses, their leader, had just died. What would they do? Who would lead them? Would they now perish in the wilderness?

Unblemished Beauty

Women in nearly record numbers, we’re told, were drawn in envy to the picture of a well-known movie actress on the cover of a popular magazine. She had been portrayed as possessing flawless beauty.

A New Flax Shirt

Onesimus was Philemon’s slave. According to the law, he could have been executed for running away. But Onesimus had run into Paul and into the arms of Jesus. Paul sent him back to Philemon with the assurance that the apostle would repay anything the runaway slave owed. Paul carried Onesimus’ burden.

God’s Jealous Spirit

Shep, the newest member of our family, is a young Shetland sheepdog who openly displays his jealousy when I kiss my wife. He doesn’t snarl or bite, but in the language of barking he seems to be saying, “Hey, Master, you belong to me!” His jealousy gives me a good feeling. After all, don’t we all like someone to care that much about us?

Never Too Old

Look at what some people have accomplished despite advancing age. When Grandma Moses was 100, she was still painting. George Bernard Shaw wrote a play at 94. Arthur Rubinstein gave a great recital at Carnegie Hall when he was 89. And at 82, Winston Churchill wrote A History of the English-Speaking Peoples.

Out of Focus

On the back of the pulpit in the church I used to attend were printed these words: “Sir, we would see Jesus!” They were a reminder to the minister that he must never allow anything—no matter how good or interesting—to distract him from focusing on the Savior.

“It’s My Fault!”

The first step in overcoming sin is to admit that we are the ones who are responsible. To look for someone else to blame is to evade the real issue.

A Good Neighbor

After telling the story of the Good Samaritan, Jesus said that we should think of all people we meet as neighbors and do what we can to help them when they are in need.

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