A young man was driving an old worn-out car on a desolate road in a downpour when the engine died. As he coasted to the side of the road, another car stopped and the driver got out and asked what was wrong. The stranger opened the hood, tinkered with something, and signaled the driver to turn the ignition key. When the car started, the amazed driver shouted, “Thanks, I was afraid the engine had failed for the last time.”

The rescuer replied, “Every car has at least one more start in it if you can get a spark. The same principle applies to people. Someday you will have occasion to apply this knowledge. Remember, as long as a single spark of life remains, it’s not too late for anyone to make a fresh start.”

Thirty years later, this once-stranded driver is a chaplain in a large prison. He testifies that those words about a fresh start have come back to him again and again.

Just as God gave Manasseh a new start when he repented (2 Chron. 33:12-13), this chaplain has seen God work miracles with hardened men.

If your life is in disarray, don’t despair. Through repentance and faith you can begin again. “As long as a spark remains, it’s not too late to make a fresh start.”