Bertrand Russell became an atheist after he read the words of Jesus about hell. He apparently wanted a God who would never become angry or punish anyone. Dr. Russell certainly wouldn’t like today’s Scripture reading, which speaks of God as One who “avenges and is furious.”

Personally, I would have trouble believing in a God who never became angry and didn’t punish sin. Such a God would not be a good God. What would you think, for example, of a witness to a brutal murder who felt no emotion and remained indifferent toward punishing the wrongdoer? Would you consider such a person a good person? Hardly!

God gives us a free will and usually doesn’t stop us from carrying out our wrong choices. But He does hold us accountable, and He will judge us.

In Nahum’s day, the Ninevites were a cruel people who committed unbelievable atrocities. But the prophet assured the Israelites that God saw the wickedness of those people, was angered by it, and would justly punish them.

I’m thankful that God possesses that kind of moral integrity. It gives me reason to trust Him to keep all His promises, and it assures me that He will right all the wrongs of history.