In his book The Fisherman and His Friends, Louis Albert Banks tells about a man who was spending a summer near the shores of Lake Superior. One day he came upon an old pine that had been blown down by a recent storm. Knowing something about trees, he was intrigued by that huge evergreen lying on the ground. He examined it closely and figured that it was at least 250 years old. What impressed him most, however, was what he discovered when he stripped away the bark. It was evident to him that on the day the tree fell it was still growing.

That’s the way it should be in the life of a believer. The years pass and our physical strength declines. The outward man perishes, but the inner man should keep on developing—mentally, emotionally, and above all spiritually—until the day we die.

How beautiful are those who grow old gracefully, reflect the loveliness of Christ within their hearts, and keep on being spiritually productive! Such people continue to develop character traits that glorify God and contribute to the blessing and welfare of others.

Like that stately old pine, we too should keep on growing—right to the very end!