Moments of silence are often awkward in a new relationship, but not when that relationship has matured over the years. When I first dated Ginny, to whom I’ve been married for more than 50 years, we both felt ill at ease during rare periods of silence. But not today. We are comfortable being together without speaking, whether riding in a car or relaxing in our recliners at home. It’s as if an inaudible communication is going on. Each feels good about the other being nearby. Each feels free to speak or not to speak.

I believe David had come to this place in his relationship with God. While in the wilderness fleeing from the army of his rebellious son, he said to the Lord, “My lips shall praise You” (Ps. 63:3). But he also spoke of remembering God, meditating on Him, and rejoicing in the shadow of His wings (vv.6-8). He was content just to think about Him and enjoy His presence.

As we grow in our relationship with God, we experience the same kind of closeness—sometimes talking, sometimes meditating, sometimes feeling surges of gratitude. And even when absorbed in earthly pursuits, we feel a quiet inner freedom to speak or not to speak with Him, knowing that He is always there.