A Work In Progress

Pablo Casals was considered to be the preeminent cellist of the first half of the 20th century. When he was still playing his cello in the middle of his tenth decade of life, a young reporter asked, “Mr. Casals, you are 95 years old and the greatest cellist that ever lived. Why do you still practice 6 hours a day?”

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A Fresh Start

In many countries, health laws prohibit reselling or reusing old mattresses. Only landfills will take them. Tim Keenan tackled the problem and today his business employs a dozen people to extract the individual components of metal, fabric, and foam in old mattresses for recycling. But that’s only part of the story. Journalist Bill Vogrin wrote, “Of all the items Keenan recycles . . . it’s the people that may be his biggest success” (The Gazette, Colorado Springs). Keenan hires men from halfway houses and homeless shelters, giving them a job and a second chance. He says, “We take guys nobody else wants.”

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Born To Rescue

After the terrorist attack and the collapse of the Twin Towers in New York City on September 11, 2001, Cynthia Otto took care of the search-and-rescue dogs. Years later she established a Working Dog Center where young pups are put through specialized training to prepare them to help victims of disaster.

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Let Me Be Singing

When I asked a friend how his mother was getting along, he told me that dementia had robbed her of the ability to remember a great many names and events from the past. “Even so,” he added, “she can still sit down at the piano and, without sheet music, beautifully play hymns by memory.”

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The Work Of Our Hands

Spring had just turned into summer and crops were beginning to produce fruit as our train rolled across the fertile landscape of West Michigan’s shoreline. Strawberries had ripened, and people were kneeling in the morning dew to pick the sweet fruit. Blueberry bushes were soaking up sunshine from the sky and nutrients from the earth.

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Looking For Zacchaeus

Alf Clark walks the city streets looking for Zacchaeus. Well, not the actual one in the Bible—Jesus already found him. Alf and some friends who serve with an urban ministry do what Jesus did in Luke 19. They go purposefully through town to meet with and help those in need.

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Quest For Stolen Treasure

Our Daily Bread Cover May 2014

In J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, the dwarfs gathered to go up against Smaug, the fierce dragon, to retrieve their stolen treasure. In spite of the dangerously frightening quest, Balin, the dwarfs’ second-in-command, expressed confidence in Thorin: “There is one I could follow. There is one I could call King.” His commitment to the mission, as dangerous as it was, was empowered by his confidence in his leader.

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Learning To Love

Our Daily Bread Cover April 2014

When Hans Egede went to Greenland as a missionary in 1721, he didn’t know the Inuit language. His temperament was often overbearing, and he struggled to be kind to the people.

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Loved To Love

Our Daily Bread Cover April 2014

Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s life was at risk every day he stayed in Hitler’s Germany, but he stayed nonetheless. I imagine he shared the apostle Paul’s view that being in heaven was his heart’s desire, but staying where he was needed was God’s present purpose (Phil. 1:21). So stay he did; as a pastor he offered clandestine worship services and resisted the evil regime under Hitler.

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Me And Dad

Our Daily Bread Cover March 2014

A friend once spent a day installing large stone steps in his backyard. When his 5-year-old daughter begged to help, he suggested she just sing to encourage him in his work. She said no. She wanted to help. Carefully, when it would not endanger her, he let her place her hands on the rocks as he moved them.

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17 thoughts on “Me And Dad

  1. josen paul ramamoorthy says:

    I am thankful to God to call me as son, I have to be worth to call me the same

  2. michaelgloverjr says:

    I thank God that he uses a sinner like me to help build His kingdom! I must remember that, like Jesus, I must see what needs to be done, feel moved by the Holy Spirit, and do the work He has called me to do!

  3. rjg12 says:

    Thank you Jesus for our RELATIONSHIP with the Holy Trinity and delivering us from rituals like LINT and bowing to statues

  4. lpink25 says:

    I thank God for the word this morning. It reminds me that, as my heavenly father, He is giving me the opportunity to be obedient to Him. As He works in my life, He is building my steps. As He instructs me on what to do in helping Him (which he clearly doesn’t need help), it allows me to learn to listen and obey Him. It will also bring that since of pride an joy to me to see the finished product (my steps) and say daddy did that, and He let me help. It may take a little while longer for the steps to get built but it will be worth it. He will get the glory and we will have the joy. Be encouraged today my friends. God Bless

  5. chaplainrj says:

    God can do his work without us but uses us even though we are flawed. What activity do I need to give up for Lent in order to have more time to focus on the harvest?

  6. godgirl13 says:

    Today’s devotional means so much to me. I have wanted to help my parents before and sometimes they wold let me and other times they knew what was best for me when they said no. Devotions help to calm me when things seem to be veering out of control. They remind me he is still with me and his peace is everlasting. His mercies renew everyday and I’m so very thankful he is always with us and guides us through the long,chaotic, fast pace day. I hope my comment is helpful to someone who may have needed to be reminded of this.

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