Our Life Is A Primer

The New England Primer was published in the late 1600s. Throughout the colonies that would later become the United States, the book became a widely used resource.

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Human Chess

Chess is an ancient game of strategy. Each player begins with 16 pieces on the chessboard with the goal of cornering his opponent’s king. It has taken different forms over the years. One form is human chess, which was introduced around ad 735 by Charles Martel, duke of Austrasia. Martel would play the game on giant boards with real people as the pieces. The human pieces were costumed to reflect their status on the board and moved at the whim of the players—manipulating them to their own ends.

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The Power Of Ritual

When I was growing up, one of the rules in our house was that we weren’t allowed to go to bed angry (Eph. 4:26). All our fights and disagreements had to be resolved. The companion to that rule was this bedtime ritual: Mom and Dad would say to my brother and me, “Good night. I love you.” And we would respond, “Good night. I love you too.”

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Is Somebody Singing?

From 200 miles above Earth, Chris Hadfield, Canadian astronaut and commander of the International Space Station, joined in song with a group of students in a studio on Earth. Together they performed “Is Somebody Singing,” co-written by Hadfield and Ed Robertson.

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Power Of Simplicity

Few people take time to study the US Internal Revenue Service income tax regulations—and for good reason. According to Forbes magazine, in 2013 tax codes surpassed the four million-word mark. In fact, the tax laws have become so complex that even the experts have a hard time processing all the regulations. It’s burdensome in its complexity.

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Waving The White Flag

Recently, while watching a video of a church service held in South America, I noticed something I had never seen before in church. As the pastor passionately called his flock to yield their lives to Jesus, one of the parishioners took a white hankie out of his pocket and started waving it in the air. Then another, and another. With tears running down their cheeks, they were expressing full surrender to Christ.

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Words To Live By

Our Daily Bread Cover May 2014

For many years I’ve maintained a file folder labeled “Speaking.” It has become thick with articles, quotations, and illustrations that might be useful. Recently I went through it to discard things that are out of date. I found it difficult to throw away many of the items, not because I haven’t used them in a talk but because I haven’t put them into practice. I closed the folder thinking, “These aren’t words to talk about; these are words to live by.”

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Heart Matters

Our Daily Bread Cover May 2014

Our hearts pump at a rate of 70-75 beats per minute. Though weighing only 11 ounces on average, a healthy heart pumps 2,000 gallons of blood through 60,000 miles of blood vessels each day. Every day, the heart creates enough energy to drive a truck 20 miles. In a lifetime, that is equivalent to driving to the moon and back. A healthy heart can do amazing things. Conversely, if our heart malfunctions, our whole body shuts down.

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Tears Of Gratitude

Our Daily Bread Cover May 2014

At a communion service my wife and I attended, the congregation was invited to come forward to receive the bread and cup from one of the pastors or elders. They told each one personally of Jesus’ sacrifice for him or her. It was an especially moving experience during what can often become just routine. After we returned to our seats, I watched as others slowly and quietly filed past. It was striking to see how many had tears in their eyes. For me, and for others I talked with later, they were tears of gratitude.

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Probing Questions

Our Daily Bread Cover April 2014

While riding on a train a few years after the American Civil War, General Lew Wallace of the Union Army encountered a fellow officer, Colonel Robert Ingersoll. Ingersoll was one of the 19th century’s leading agnostics, and Wallace was a man of faith. As their conversation turned to their spiritual differences, Wallace realized that he wasn’t able to answer the questions and doubts raised by Ingersoll. Embarrassed by his lack of understanding about his own faith, Wallace began searching the Scriptures for answers. The result was his confident declaration of the person of the Savior in his classic historical novel Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ.

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18 thoughts on “Probing Questions

  1. sentinel46 says:

    Oh, Thank You my Heavenly Father forevermore for providing the WISDON and knowledge in your books of the Old and New Testaments on the WORD and life of Your only begotten Son in Christ Jesus Christ. For He has provided us an example to life and how to live within the TRUTH of God Almighty…Amen!

  2. sentinel46 says:

    Oh, Thank You my Heavenly Father forevermore for providing the WISDON and knowledge in your books of the Old and New Testaments on the WORD and life of Your only begotten Son in Christ Jesus Christ. For He has provided us an example to life and how to live within the TRUTH of God Almighty…Amen!

    “God’s Wisdom Is Flawless!” “My WORD will be Established!”

    “My WORD will Accomplish” “The WISDOM of GOD is Timeless”

    W ————–WORD of God
    I ————— Instructions for Direction and Life.
    S —————- Significant in light of the Truth for Thought.
    D ————— Direction and Guidance detrimental to and for survival.
    O ————— Observable in All and with Truths.
    M —————–Meaningful for Correction, Reproof, and Management in All of Life’s Arenas.

    “The TRUTH Shall Make You Free” “The TRUTH is Within”

    T ———————-Turn toward Heaven secure from self.
    R ———————- Redemption is very near.
    U ———————- Unabated and unremovable Life a New
    T ———————- from the Heavenly Father in Jesus Christ
    H ———————- Oh Give Honor and Glory due to His Name…Amen!

  3. magmay12 says:

    Such a positive verse to keep up your confidence that belief in God will get you through dealing with the worst things in life! Amen and amen

  4. xs says:

    God bless you all… we walk this Christian journey of faith…. May the God of peace and hope guard us and guides us in our faith in Him.

  5. 123akiv says:

    I have an atheist friend who questions my faith a lot and I think she thinks it separates me from the truth but what it really did was make me think more about it and now I can defend my faith much more

  6. femijumo says:

    Father your love is endless for me, thank you Lord

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