Snug As A Bug In A Rug!

When I was a child, my family lived in a house my father built in the cedar breaks west of Duncanville, Texas. Our house had a small kitchen-dinette area, two bedrooms, and a great room with a large stone fireplace in which we burned 2-foot-long cedar logs. That fireplace was the center of warmth in our home.

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The Language Of Whistling

On La Gomera, one of the smallest of the Canary Islands, a language that sounds like a bird song is being revived. In a land of deep valleys and steep ravines, schoolchildren and tourists are learning how whistling was once used to communicate for distances up to 2 miles. One goat herder who is using this ancient language once again to communicate with his flock said, “They recognize my whistle as they recognize my voice.”

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City Of Refuge

As we entered a town in Australia, we were greeted by a sign that declared: “We welcome all who are seeking refuge and asylum.” This kind of welcome seems to resonate with the Old Testament concept of the cities of refuge. In the Old Testament era, cities of refuge (Num. 35:6) were established to be a safe haven for people who had accidentally killed someone and were needing protection. God had the people establish such cities to provide that refuge.

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A Lesson In Worry

My friend handed me a tall glass of water and told me to hold it. The longer I held it, the heavier it felt. Finally my hand grew tired, and I had to put the glass down. “I’ve learned that worry can be like holding that glass,” she said. “The longer I worry about something, the more my fears weigh me down.”

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Roadside Assistance

Our Daily Bread Cover June 2014

An acquaintance of mine was hunting with friends near Balmoral, the country estate of the queen of England. As they walked, he twisted his ankle so badly that he couldn’t go on, so he told his friends to continue and he would wait by the side of the road.

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Our Daily Bread Cover June 2014

It was a sad day in May 2003 when “The Old Man of the Mountain” broke apart and slid down the mountainside. This 40-foot profile of an old man’s face, carved by nature in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, had long been an attraction to tourists, a solid presence for residents, and the official state emblem. It was written about by Nathaniel Hawthorne in his short story The Great Stone Face.

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Reframing The Picture

Our Daily Bread Cover June 2014

For 3 months I had a ringside seat— or should I say a bird’s-eye view—of God’s amazing handiwork. Ninety feet above the floor of Norfolk Botanical Garden, workers installed a webcam focused on the nest of a family of bald eagles, and online viewers were allowed to watch.

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Blessed Forgetfulness

Our Daily Bread Cover May 2014

My office is downstairs, but I make frequent trips upstairs to various rooms in my house for one thing or another. Unfortunately, by the time I get upstairs I often forget what I was planning to do when I got there. Researcher Gabriel Radvansky has come up with an explanation for this phenomenon. He proposes that a doorway serves as an “event boundary.”

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Anchors In The Storm

Our Daily Bread Cover May 2014

When Matt and Jessica tried to navigate their sailboat into a Florida inlet during Hurricane Sandy, the craft ran aground. As the waves crashed around them, they quickly dropped anchor. It held the sailboat in place until they could be rescued. They said that if they had not put down the anchor, “We would have lost our boat for sure.” Without the anchor, the relentless waves would have smashed the vessel onto the shore.

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Misplaced Love

Our Daily Bread Cover March 2014

Martin Lindstrom, an author and speaker, thinks that cellphones have become akin to a best friend for many owners. Lindstrom’s experiment using an MRI helped him discover why. When the subjects saw or heard their phone ringing, their brains fired off neurons in the area associated with feelings of love and compassion. Lindstrom said, “It was as if they were in the presence of a girlfriend, boyfriend, or family member.”

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18 thoughts on “Misplaced Love

  1. elziarun says:

    This daily reading made me realise how foolish I was in dedicating my time completely to the professional work and my part time business. And whenever I was free, I used to do some thing related to my part time business.

    But in this path, since many days I forgot the beauty of His Mighty Grace He shows upon me everyday when I wake up.

    I ignored to spend in my Father’s presence even though I knew that “Better is one day in His Court than thousands elsewhere!”

    Forgive me Lord and thanks for bringing me Back to you! I know the beauty and power of Your grace and Everlasting Forgiveness as I have experienced it earlier as well and I can’t afford to lose it now.
    I rejoice for the creation You have made to display Your Mighty Works to our eyes!
    I rejoice for brining me to life on this earth and will live for You and You alone so that I can fulfil Your Purpose for me in this world!

    Give me Thy strength and Wisdom to chase my dreams by becoming a blessing to more and more people so that Your Light shines in this world through all my works!


  2. krzykitten says:

    Looking back at the past few months and the things I’ve done, I feel bad for putting things and people before Him. I’ve asked for forgiveness

  3. mandyylala says:

    I have placed my current issues before god and ask that you forgive me and that I have been side track I was meant to read this today I had the app and haven’t registered and it popped up and I have been going through a hard time and that’s because I have not been communicating with him

  4. bvassallo says:

    I think i have placed my current situation before God. Lord please help me moving forward to worship and wait upon you.

    1. annwrites says:

      Hello there, I place my faith in the Lord, although sometimes I fail to thank him for the little things, or I wait until just before I start working online, or whatever I need to do to properly thank him, but I truly try to praise him, even in the bad times as well as the good. I have to admit that’s hard. I use a smart phone because it gives me accessibility with a built in screen reader, that I wouldn’t otherwise have with other phones of this tipe, but I don’t spend all my time with it. I wish each and you all the best and I am praying for the unspoken needs that are out there.

  5. wannabehumble says:

    What a wonderful word to begin the day and nourish the spirit. I was thinking of things that become our misplaced love. Sometimes we doubt ourselves and allow life to make us forget how great God’s love is for us. We begin to try to “prove ourselves” to others. Our position at work, our performance in sports, our “dedication” to being the best wife, husband, parent, friend, etc. can quickly become our mission in life. They become idols in our lives; our misplaced loves, because it makes us feel great to be great. But the feeling is fleeting and leaves us empty. I need to often stop and remind myself that my purpose is to walk with God, and trust in Him; that I am accountable only to God. God wants us to work hard with integrity and joy, but that doesn’t mean to replace our walk with Him. There is that peace that only Jesus can give me that replaces the idols of life. That’s the only thing that can make my idols melt away, and helps me focus back on God.
    Thank you msmt for your heartfelt thoughts. May the love of Jesus fill those empty spaces that creep into your heart and bless your life.

    1. wannabehumble says:

      Oops, sorry for the mistake. I needed to clarify the comment. I needed to add to it so that it reads, “God wants us to work hard with integrity and joy, but that doesn’t mean to replace our walk with things or activities that pull us away from Him.”

      I am humbled once again! :)

  6. msmt says:

    Praise The Lord!
    Today’s reading made me pause and think that we take God so lightly sometimes and give his place to other things or somebody else. I have been asking God to speak to me since last couple of days asking him why I feel deserted and alone when I have a husband who loves me with all his heart and a great family. But I can sense the Holy Spirit telling me that you have put something in place of God. I am sorry Lord for doing this and disobeying your command. Please forgive me and take your place in my heart, soul and life. It’s all your’s Daddy. Take your place please. Forgive me father.

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