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Heaven's Surprises

Scripture gives us only a glimpse of the glory we will share in heaven with our crucified and risen Savior. Just think—no more sorrow, no more death, no more crying, no more pain, for the former things will have passed away! (Rev. 21:4).

Selfish Prayers

Some people see God as a supernatural change-agent who answers their every whim, a kind of divine genie who stands before them to grant their every wish.

Knowing + Obeying = Joy

A woman who had been a staunch church member for years was asked, "Tell me, just what do you believe?" She replied, "I believe what my church believes."

Joshua's Challenge

Call it the Showdown at Shechem. Joshua gathered the people of Israel at this town so he could give them the challenge of their lives.

Keeping On Course

Two men had been out deep-sea fishing when night began to fall. As they headed back toward land, the more experienced seaman got sleepy and turned the helm over to his friend. The veteran sailor pointed out the North Star and said, "Just keep the boat going in that direction."

"I Surrender All"

Pete and I sing in the tenor section of our church choir. I've come to appreciate his gentle spirit, his spirituality, and his love for the music of the church.

There Is No God?

Many years ago a friend sent me an article that included these words: "Some men say, 'There is no God.' All the wonders around you are accidental. No Almighty hand made a thousand billion stars. They made themselves. The surface of our land just happened to have topsoil, without which we would have no vegetables to eat, and no grass for the animals whose meat is our food.

Faith At Work

Christians sometimes sing the following words:

Foundational Praying

It was a sunny, sad day in 1982—the day after my husband's funeral. I had gone alone to Bill's grave, hardly knowing why. As with Mary Magdalene who visited Jesus' tomb, the risen Lord was waiting for me. He impressed the words of Philippians 1:21 on my vacant mind, still numbed by Bill's untimely cancer death. I wove my prayer around the words of that verse:

The World's Hatred

When high school senior Angela Guidry submitted a copy of her valedictory speech to school administrators, the principal demanded that she leave out one part. It was the sentence that read, "To me the most important thing in your life is not whether you have a good education or a good job, but whether or not you have the Lord in your life."