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You Can Do Something

John Warr, an 18th-century apprentice shoemaker, was determined to be a faithful witness for Christ. Another apprentice was hired, and John repeatedly talked to him about spiritual things. That new worker, however, didn't want to be bothered. Then one day he was caught exchanging a counterfeit shilling for a good one. In his guilty humiliation he asked John for help and prayer. Through the faithful witness of John Warr, that man put his faith in Christ and developed into a committed disciple.

Unruly Children

I once had a pet raccoon by the name of Jason. Having affectionately cared for this "little bandit" for several months, I was amazed and frustrated when he forgot my friendship and turned on me. In fact, there were occasions when he sank his teeth into the very hands that fed him.

Back To The Basics

Irish flutist James Galway is a classical music superstar. But as he neared the age of 50, he looked closely at his life and decided he was not going to fall into the trap of "getting old and famous and playing bad concerts."

Acceptance And Approval

Do you ever wonder what God thinks of you—especially when you've just done something that you know He has said is clearly wrong?

Does Honesty Really Pay?

I'll always remember the day when as a child I found two coins on the school playground. I brought them home, thinking they wouldn't be missed. But Mother made me take them to my teacher. "They belong to someone else," Mother told me. Since then, God has often reminded me of this early lesson in honesty.

Jesus, Man Of Faith

Jesus laid aside the privileges and glory of His deity when He became a man. As a result, He had to face life's trials and tests just as we do (Phil. 2:5-8). Like us, He had to exercise trust in God His Father.

A Slow Fourth

When golf professional Paul Azinger learned in 1993 that he had cancer, he said, "I was in shock. I had thought that Dr. Jobe would tell me they had discovered some form of weird infection in my shoulder or possibly even a stress fracture. The one word I never expected to hear him say was cancer."

Don't Let It Get To You

First, the bad news. Our society can have a terrible influence on us and our children. The entertainment media, for example, offer various forms of sinful behavior for our listening and viewing "pleasure." One music TV channel, for instance, was characterized in World magazine by film critic Michael Medved like this: "There is absolutely no excuse for MTV to be present in the home. It is 100-percent negative."

A Mysterious Fragrance

Most of us can think of someone—perhaps a relative or a friend—who is known for a particular perfume she wears. Even without seeing her, we know when she's nearby. Wordlessly, her fragrance welcomes us into her company.

The Scenery Or The Play

Early in Moss Hart's career as a Broadway playwright, he tried desperately to overhaul the dull third act of an ailing play. After a dozen agonizing rewrites, he decided his favorite scene, along with its elaborate and expensive set, had to go. The scenery had captured the plot and was holding the dialog hostage.