A Forever Hello

After a week’s vacation with her daughter and 4-month-old grandson, Oliver, Kathy had to say goodbye until she could see them again. She wrote to me saying, “Sweet reunions like we had make my heart long for heaven. There, we won’t have to try to capture memories in our mind. There, we won’t have to pray for the time to go slowly and the days to last long. There, our hello will never turn into goodbye. Heaven will be a ‘forever hello,’ and I can’t wait.” As a first-time grandma, she wants to be with her grandson Oliver as much as possible! She’s thankful for any time she can be with him and for the hope of heaven—where the wonderful moments will never end.

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Timely Words

You may have heard the adage, “Timing is everything.” According to the Bible, good timing applies to our words and speech too. Think of a time when God used you to bring a timely word to refresh someone, or when you wanted to speak, but it was wiser for you to remain silent.

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A Sanctuary

Entering a church in Klang, Malaysia, I was intrigued by the sign welcoming us into the building. It declared the place to be “A Sanctuary for the Heavy Laden.”

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The Power To Change

Educator and best-selling author Tony Wagner is a firm believer in “disruptive innovation” that changes the way the world thinks and works. In his book Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World, he says, “Innovation occurs in every aspect of human endeavor,” and “most people can become more creative and innovative—given the right environment and opportunities.”

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The Lesson Of The Hula Hoop

One of my favorite childhood toys is making a comeback—the hula hoop. My friend Suzi and I spent hours on the front lawn perfecting our technique and competing to see which of us could keep a hoop circling our waist longer. This year I relived that part of my childhood. While sitting in a park, I watched as children of all ages and sizes tried their hardest to keep hula hoops from falling to the ground. They twisted and turned with all their strength, but despite their exertion the hoops landed on the ground. Then a young woman picked up a hoop. With hardly any motion, she moved it smoothly and rhythmically up and down from her waist to her shoulders and back to her waist. Her success depended on strategic movement, not vigorous motion.

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What Do You Expect?

In C. S. Lewis’ book God in the Dock, he wrote: “Imagine a set of people all living in the same building. Half of them think it is a hotel, the other half think it is a prison. Those who think it a hotel might regard it as quite intolerable, and those who thought it was a prison might decide that it was really surprisingly comfortable.” Lewis cleverly used this contrast between a hotel and a prison to illustrate how we view life based on our expectations. He says, “If you think of this world as a place intended simply for our happiness, you find it quite intolerable; think of it as a place of training and correction and it’s not so bad.”

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Learn To Wait On God

Cha Sa-soon, a 69-year-old Korean woman, finally received her driving license after 3 years of trying to pass the written test. She wanted the license so she could take her grandchildren to the zoo.

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Fly The Flag

Queen Elizabeth II has reigned over the British Empire for more than 60 years. Her monarchy has been characterized by grace and class. She has diligently given her life to serve her people well, and as a result she is deeply loved and highly revered. So, you can understand the importance of the flag flying above Buckingham Palace. When the flag is flying, it means that she is in residence in the heart of London. The flag is a public statement that the queen is present with her people.

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A Faithful Helper

As a young boy, my father had to deliver slop to hungry pigs on the farm where he grew up. He hated this job because the hogs would knock him over when he entered their pen. This task might have been impossible except for a faithful helper who accompanied my dad—a German shepherd named Sugarbear. She would maneuver herself between my father and the pigs and hold them back until my dad finished his chore.

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Pink Sheep

While traveling on a road from Glasgow to Edinburgh, Scotland, I was enjoying the beautiful, pastoral countryside when a rather humorous sight captured my attention. There, on a small hilltop, was a rather large flock of pink sheep.

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9 thoughts on “Pink Sheep

  1. janders8 says:

    Jesus as the Shepherd and his flock of Sheep’s…. & people will know u are part of Jesus’ flock by the LOVE u have for others

  2. tmarkbowie says:

    Thank you,!!

  3. TEbie says:

    Thanks Dave for your devotional today. As I pondered the thoughts that entered my mind that love should shine through not just to the lowly and it indeed should but a step further to the hireling. That person also needs a change of heart. Think about it, where do you stop putting the love of Jesus out their. May be Jesus met with the hireling or may be the incident so affected him or her(hireling) that they too made some changes. A lot of deeper meditation and the bottom line for me here is how love through Christ can set you and me free in all sorts of ways. God is love! This kind of love, yes that no one should perish. Have a blessed day!

  4. guineafoot says:

    Isn’t it awesome to be a follower of Jesus? He knows us all my name and our love ‘marker’. Dear Lord, may we continue to spread your word and your love to others. Help me not to disappoint but to utilize every opportunity that presents itself, in Jesus name, amen.

    1. realtors says:

      When we pray, did Jesus ask us to pray to “Our Father in Heaven” instead of “Dear Lord”?

  5. eahiet1 says:

    Love is truly the distinguishing characteristic of a Christian. May we show love to ALL men – including those who hate us passionately.

  6. Lanka says:

    Message to Leonvan – In response to what you wrote (30 Sep 2014)

    Sri Lanka is a predominantly Buddhist country. You get some nationalists who target churches and believers. That is a very general statement as things can vary from area to area. There are a lot of churches and ministries too.

    My advice

    1. If you are going to visit family – they would be the best source of advice on what you can do. They will know the area and have contacts and be best able to assist you in your mission plans.

    2. If you know the area you are going – try and see if there are any churches in that area. You might have to do a bit of internet searching. If possible try and ring and speak to a Pastor and tell them about your visit and your intention to may be visit the church while you are there.

    It is best to first visit a church, introduce yourself and then discuss any plans you have. You can then get to know about them and how they operate too.

    Some churches have outreach programs and it may be best you work through that. Again they know the area, what can be done and will be a good source of advice.

    Remember while many speak English not all do. So you need to find the right audience.

    3. Have you heard of Every Home for Christ? They are an international organization and are in Sri Lanka too. They are known as CEHC – Ceylon Even Home Crusade. You can find their facebook page on the internet. There are contact details there. Their facebook isn’t always up-to-date but address details are there.

    In one of their magazine articles a while back they featured some Americans who have visited there for a few days.

    I apologize for the late response. I only came later and saw your comments and about your trip.

    All the best and may God bless you and your family during your visit.

  7. chibu says:

    Today’s message is exciting and clear. Jesus is the good Shepherd, He laid His life willingly for the sheep. My prayer is that we will have ability to identify the hired shepherds who abandons the sheep when the wolf is around, we should determine not to follow such selfish shepherds. Jesus showed us how to love one another. if you do not love one another you are a murderer. Let us love one another unconditionally because if we do people will know that we are God’s disciples. God said love even your enemy those who persecute you, loving them it is hard but allow the Holy Spirit to teach you how to love every one unconditionally.
    Thank you Dave for using the pink sheep to illustrate how we can be identified as Jesus followers, that was super illustration.

  8. doctor-perspective says:

    In John Chapter 10, Jesus portrays Himself as the Door of the sheep and as the Good Shepherd of the sheep. We get to be the sheep, but we also have to learn to play the role of the shepherd. Every believer in Jesus Christ is a Child of God. Every child of God is characterized as a sheep. In our characterization as sheep, we get to do certain things. One of them is to love each other. Clearly, this is more difficult than it sounds, since there appears to be so little love for each other among the sheep. We will devote a few words to some practical approaches to the problem. However, in addition to being sheep, we are expected to grow into shepherds. There is one Chief Shepherd, and arguably only one Good Shepherd. But every sheep is expected to grow into a good shepherd, while remaining a sheep.

    God’s plan is that a man and a woman will parent a child and must be responsible for shepherding that child. They are to train up the child in the way that he should go so that when he is old he will not depart from it. This shepherding responsibility extends into the spiritual realm. Before Jesus ascended into heaven, he gave a command to His disciples, and by extension to every follower of Jesus. “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you.” (Matthew 28:19-20). The act of discipling is similar to that of shepherding, and it is a requirement for all Christians. Jesus maintained the shepherd-sheep analogy when he told Peter to feed His sheep and His lambs if he loved Him. The best way for us to learn to shepherd is to pattern our thoughts, words and actions on those of the Good Shepherd.

    Before a sheep can become a good shepherd, we must become good sheep. God requires good sheep to love each other. (John 13:35) We find it difficult to love because of our many physical, cultural, social and economic differences that divide us. Our ego fools us into believing that we are the standard by which all others must be judged, and we are therefore better than the other person. The secret is to focus on the overwhelming similarities that unite us. We all must eat, sleep and go to the bathroom.
    Our differences speak to the infinite variety with which God created us to complement each other. We must remember that we all have sinned, all needed to be redeemed, and all have the same Heavenly Father. God requires us to forgive each other indefinitely, because we need forgiveness, indefinitely. He also requires us to esteem each other higher than ourselves. Let us work together to master the discipline of loving each other.

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