Oranges Or Milk?

When I told my young daughter that a 3-month-old baby boy was coming to our house for a visit, she was delighted. With a child’s sense of hospitality, she suggested that we share some of our food with the baby; she thought he might enjoy a juicy orange from the bowl on our kitchen counter. I explained that the baby could drink only milk, but that he might like oranges when he was older.

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Multiply It

Amy had battled cancer for 5 years. Then the doctor told her that the treatments were failing and she had just a few weeks to live. Wanting some understanding and assurance about eternity, Amy asked her pastor, “What will heaven be like?”

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Horse Power

Think for a moment of the power, beauty, and majesty of a galloping horse—his head held high, his mane flying in the wind, and his legs working in unison to provide speed, power, and abandon.

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Less Than The Least

Unlike those who think highly of themselves, Jacob knew that he had been ruined by sin (Gen. 32:10). He thought himself a man unworthy of God’s grace. He had cheated his brother Esau out of his birthright (ch.27), and his brother hated him for it. Now, years later, Jacob was going to face Esau again.

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Perception Or Reality?

We often hear it said, “Perception is reality.” That idea for Americans may have dawned on September 26, 1960—the date of the first televised debate between two presidential candidates. In front of the cameras, John Kennedy appeared composed; Richard Nixon appeared nervous. The perception was that Kennedy would be a stronger leader. The debate not only turned that election, but it also changed the way politics is done in the US. Politics by perception became the rule of the day.

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Does God Care?

Minnie and George Lacy were faced with some questions: “Is Jesus enough? Is our relationship with Christ sufficient to sustain us? Will He be enough to help us want to go on living? Does He care?”

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Hands Off!

I remember bobbing for apples when I was a child, a game that required me to have my hands tied behind my back. Trying to grab a floating apple with my teeth without the use of my hands was a frustrating experience. It reminded me of the vital importance of our hands—we eat with them, greet with them, and use them to do just about anything that is vital to our existence.

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For 3 weeks every fall season, our city becomes an art gallery. Nearly 2,000 artists from around the world display their creations in galleries, museums, hotels, parks, city streets, parking lots, restaurants, churches, and even in the river.

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What Love Is

Years ago I asked a young man who was engaged to be married, “How do you know that you love her?” It was a loaded question, intended to help him look at his heart’s motives for the upcoming marriage. After several thoughtful moments, he responded, “I know I love her because I want to spend the rest of my life making her happy.”

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Music And Megaphone

Christopher Locke buys old trumpets, trombones, and French horns and transforms them into acoustic amplifiers for iPhones and iPads. His creations are modeled on the trumpetlike speakers used in the first phonographs during the late 1800s. Music played through Christopher’s AnalogTelePhonographers has a “louder, cleaner, richer, deeper sound” than what is heard from the small speakers in the digital devices. Along with being interesting works of art, these salvaged brass instruments require no electrical power as they amplify the music people love to hear.

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24 thoughts on “Music And Megaphone

  1. eternallyhis says:

    Please pray for my daughter-in-law as she has been in the hospital for two weeks getting rid of a viral infection, and now she has pneumonia. My son also needing prayer for safe travelling to and from the hospital and their finances are in desperate shape.
    Thanks and God bless

    1. blessed35 says:

      Prayed for your family. Stay in Faith. God is Faithful. Peace and Love in Jesus Name. Psalm 27 is my personal favorite. Read aloud next to her everyday no matter the conversations around you. Please let all know your report in due time.

  2. js1985 says:

    I pray for those in the church who see themselves as the song not the amplifier, and i pray for those in the church who see these people as the song and put too much faith in the actions of man. Setting themselves up for a fall when their preacher lets them down in some way.

    With today’s stadium churches, book deals and merchandising it can become easy for pastors today to become bigger than what the originally intended to be. I don’t believe that all of them do it on purpose or can even help it.

    When you have so many in the congregation who praise you and swear by your books or tapes, i can imagine it can be too easy to think of yourself as something higher than you are. It’s the human side of us that still exists because God blessed us with free will, so we could run back to him.

    I pray for those who find themselves swelling above their calling because of too much attention or praise, and i pray for those who can get so overpowered by the message that they are blinded by joy,that they put too much attention,money,faith and respect into certain figureheads that are taking to much focus away from the Lord.

  3. praise the lord says:

    I would like to share what my daughter shared on her website it just seems timely.
    A ten year old girl was asked by one of her classmates “what is it like to be a christian?”. The ten year old replied, ” its like being a pumpkin. God picks you from the patch, and brings you in and washes all the dirt off you. Then he cuts open the top and scoops out all of the yucky stuff he removes the seeds of doubt, hate, greed etc. Then he carves you a new smiling face and puts his light inside of you to shine for all the world to see.”

    God can use us at any age. The older we get it seems we tend to complicate Gods word. As someone already shared God takes the weak and confounds the wise.

    I really was touched by the simplicity.

    1. js1985 says:

      That is beautiful, thank you for sharing that excellent analogy.

  4. eternallyhis says:

    “Thank You, Lord, that You can take our lives
    and use them in ways we never thought
    possible. Help us to be the instruments
    that convey the music of Your love” Yes Lord Jesus, Amen to that and Amen!
    “Nothing is unusable in God’s hands.”

    Thank you ODB for helping us start our day off right and/or preparing us for a good nights sleep. God bless each and every one of you on ODB’s staff and all those posting comments on this site. And most of all I thank our Lord Jesus Christ for His love and inspiration that moves us to share the endless and beautiful, wonderful words of life that He gives us so freely of.

  5. Rocky says:

    It’s important as the Apostle Paul teaches to be careful when sharing the Gospel we don’t want to profit from it.

    I formed a non-profit organization, where I would go into inner-city public schools and encourage students to seek mentors and higher education. Most of the time I did it voluntarily, yet the schools or the organizations would bless me with a monetary gift.

    Sometimes they would insist that I give them an amount that I required before I spoke, and if I didn’t they would not allow me to speak. That was so frustrating for me, I never wanted to capitalize on someone else’s hardship.

    How can I go to someone and say, I have hope for you, but you have to pay for it? I eventually closed the doors to the non-profit organization, mainly because I never want to capitalize on Hope and on the Gospel, they were paid for already on the cross.

    It encourages me that the Apostle Paul never took an offering to build up his ministry, he supported himself as a tent maker, he would often say “imitate me” that’s the example that I want to follow.

    Sadly today so many take their gifts and call them ministry and profit off the hurting and the hopeless.

    1. richardtour says:

      Rocky, you strike me as being a very real, down-to-earth believer, which is very refreshing.

      I would prayerfully consider re-opening your ministry; registering it as a non-profit organization, and let those who want to donate to the ministry offset your costs for sharing the hope of Christ, without taking any profit. If you still have excess, you may want to consider expanding your ministry, as the Lord leads.

      1. hsnpoor says:

        For what it’s worth, I think that’s excellent advice and whole-heartedly concur.

    2. eternallyhis says:

      I also agree with richardtour about you re-opening your ministry and keep in mind that the laborer is worthy of his reward (Luke 10:7; 1Timothy 5:18).
      As richardtour mentioned, you could use any excess to expand your ministry, or give it to other legitimate ministries that are established.
      And it would certainly be no sin, if God leads you to go into your ministry full time, for you to use what is needed for your food, clothing and shelter, etc.

      1. Rocky says:

        richardtour & eternallyhis,

        Thank you both for the kind words, but I have gone over these exact scenarios many times.

        I for one don’t like double standards, I will never tell someone, “Do as I say, not as I do.” I now volunteer at a local homeless shelter, ministering to the homeless, How can I teach a beggar to stop begging, if in essence I’m begging to get help for them?

        The Bible teaches us, “Ask, and you shall receive”

        Who should we be asking? Our heavenly Father, of course, The Bible never teaches us to ask every person that crosses our path for help to help others.

        As a father, if I ever saw my kids asking neighbors, friends, strangers for money so that they could buy their gadgets or help a needy friend, before of even thinking of coming to me, I would be upset and hurt, not to mention embarrassed.

        How does my heavenly Father feel when I ask every one else for help and not Him?

        And that’s the bottom line.

  6. hangtimek says:

    The Lord used me and everyone in different ways. As I read a RBC article called what does God want me to do. I felt God calling me to become a daily devotional writer on the spiritual growth and inspirational words to encourage other believers in christian conduct. But I don’t know how this will happen if it’s God will truly. I want to be the Megaphone to all that God wants me to be and spread his message of love and the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We need to trust His words and keep faith in the Bible no matter what struggles come are way he will get you through the tough times and bring you to a better and far greater world then you could ever know. Worry free sin free death free and problem free in the Heaven of his kingdom when he arrives back to take us with him so just stay faithful and true like he is.

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